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The Future You – What Do You See?

The theme for the 2020 Radical Love Marriage Retreat was “ALL IN”.  With each activity and workshop it became more and more clear to me that going ALL IN for my marriage meant first going ALL IN for myself.  Initially that sounded selfish and one sided, but the more I sat with it the more it made sense.  Taking the time to nurture and care for myself, learning and appreciating the intricacies of my personality, facing my fears and dealing with those difficult realities that I have avoided for so many years, will actually  release the best of ME.  What could my marriage look like if the best version of ME showed up?  How RADICAL could our love be if I first learned to radically love myself?  The possibilities are intriguing!

When you think of the future you, WHAT DO YOU SEE?  If you’re like me that question feels loaded and sends your mind into a flurry of unfocused daydreams that just don’t seem to connect.  Here’s where our sister Katara McCarty steps in to help us take the first vital step of becoming acquainted with our future selves.  Katara created the Exhale App to provide “soul medicine” for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color (BIWOC).  Within the Imagine section of the app there is a guided visualization entitled “The Future You”.  In the visualization listeners are led on a journey to meet themselves 10 years in the future.  The journey helps to connect you to “the part of you that holds wisdom for your future.”  I invite you to click this link, download the app, and take the journey.

Sometimes we have to allow the Lord to be our sighted guide on a journey that will help us SEE what we’ve never seen about ourselves.   We may have to submit to some unconventional processes to gain our (in)sight, but our Lord is faithful to lead us. Let us consider the account of the man that had been blind from birth:

Mark 8:22-25   The Passion Translation

When they arrived at Bethsaida, some people brought a blind man to Jesus, begging him to touch him and heal him. So Jesus led him, as his sighted guide, outside the village. He placed his saliva on the man’s eyes and covered them with his hands.Then he asked him, “Now do you see anything?”

“Yes,” he said. “My sight is coming back! I’m beginning to see people, but they look like trees—walking trees.”

Jesus put his hands over the man’s eyes a second time and made him look up. The man opened his eyes wide and he could see everything perfectly. His eyesight was completely restored!


As you embark upon the journey to SEE your future self, invite the Lord to be your sighted guide  Surrender to the process and be open to receive the wisdom that your future self will share.  Click the following link to download and print a document to record your insights.   The-Future-You-What-Do-You-See?

Like the man in scripture, initially you may not see everything clearly so be willing to take this journey more than once.  Invite the Lord to touch your eyes again as you look up to Him and ask Him to help you SEE things about yourself in a way that you’ve never seen them before. The Future You is not a flurry of unfocused daydreams, she is a wise woman and she is waiting to speak to you TODAY!  Again I ask, The Future You – WHAT DO YOU SEE?

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