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Looking Deeper – The Final Day: Moving From Normal To Next!

This week we have gleaned wisdom from Biblical wives that made bold moves. We’ve learned that it’s very important for us to choose our words wisely and to know our God AND our husbands when there are times that we catch on to what God is doing and our husbands aren’t quite there yet.

We’ve seen how stepping in for a husband that is struggling with self-confidence can make room for God to continue working in him and result in him walking into his greatness.

We’ve discussed the value of seeking God for a plan when approaching our husbands with important issues and being open to inviting others to fast and pray with us as we seek God for guidance. And we have been reminded to trust God no matter what, because He is faithful to perform all He has promised us!

Today ends our three-week journey of looking deeper at our minds, our modes of operation (M.O.’s) and our moves. It is my prayer that you now have your mind set for awesomeness in your marriage; That you are seeking God’s direction and empowerment to make the changes necessary to prepare the atmosphere of your marriage for change, and that you have been inspired by the Biblical wives to make bold moves toward that change.

The definition of bold is showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. So, let’s walk in our confidence in God, courageously looking deeper at ourselves, our husbands, and our marriages, and risk stepping outside of our “normal” to allow God to take our marriages to the next level.

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