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Looking Deeper – Day 10: I Can See It…I Can Be It!

In week one of our journey we set our minds for awesomeness in our marriages. Though we didn’t focus on it directly, defining the change we’d like to see and believing that it will happen requires FAITH.

In week two we have examined our mode of operation (M.O.) and identified some of our “ways” that need to change. We’ve considered some of the benefits of self-determination and vowed to give ourselves grace on our journey to change. Finally, we have declared that we are unstoppable! Nothing will make us quit, break our spirits, or take our focus away from THE ONE who helps and strengthens us.

Our focal scripture this week was taken from James chapter 2, most notably verse 17 that tells us FAITH by itself is useless if it doesn’t produce good deeds.

To put it in context, asking and believing God for change in our marriages without changing our own actions is useless….. As the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.”

To end out this week, take a few moments to complete this visualization exercise and allow your FAITH to result in good deeds in your relationship with your husband. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


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