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Looking Deeper – Day 2: It’s A Miracle!

When I was young and single I always said I would NEVER date anyone that had children. Well, God has a sense of humor because my husband is the only person I ever dated that already had children. When he and I were just friends his son and I got along great, but once we were married things changed quite a bit. At the time I blamed my husband, his child, and his ex-wife for the conflict and tension that ruled my home whenever HIS son was there.


I started praying “get ’em God” prayers and waited for the Lord to change all of THEM, but the more I prayed the more God started to change ME! God shifted my perspective from my resentment to His purpose. He reminded me that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came to give me abundant life and that keeping my eyes on Him would keep me in perfect peace and He aligned my will with His.


It was a long, sometimes painful process where I had to address many of my own “petty” ways, but I thank God for the miracle he worked in me! Today I can honestly say that I love MY SON just like I carried him myself for 9 months and I praise God for how His work in me changed the climate of my marriage and my family!!!


What about you? What miraculous changes have you seen in yourself or your husband???



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