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Looking Deeper – Day 5: My Mind is Set!

This week we’ve been reminded that many times there are good lessons in things that initially seem bad. We’ve thought back on miraculous changes God has made in us and/or our husbands and shared some areas of change we’d like to see in our marriages. Finally, we called out some potential challenges to change so that we can be prepared to stand, fight, and win!

The proper mindset is key to having an awesome marriage and being a W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. Wife. That’s why we spent week one of this journey setting our minds for success.

Remembering a time when things looked and felt really bad, but now we’re able to see the good that came from those experiences gives us hope that whatever it looks like or feels like right now —It’s All Good!

Taking our minds back to a time when God made a change that truly only He could make stirs up those Tye Tribett lyrics – “If He did it before, He’ll do it again…same God right now, same God back then!”

Identifying areas of change we’d like to see in our marriage gives us a focus point and a goal to work toward, and identifying the potential “blockers” ahead of time gives us time to equip ourselves with scriptures and faith statements (your shield & sword) before the challenges even come.

With all we’ve discussed this week in mind, re-read Romans 8:24-28. Put some “I WILLs” in there as you read and replace the “YOU” with “I” or “ME”. Set your mind on God, His work in you, and His work in your marriage. Trust and KNOW that all things are working together for your good and for HIS glory!!!
The proper mindset is KEY to having an awesome marriage.  Re-read the Romans 8:24-28 remix.  Replace “YOU” with “ME” and insert some “I WILLs”.  Set your mind for awesomeness!

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